eDive 2.9

Efficiently setup and manage an entire diving meet from the initial registration
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eDive is an MS Windows™ based application which allows you to efficiently setup and manage an entire diving meet from the initial registrations through to printing the final results. It has been successfully used at numerous national and international competitions for the past 9 years and has been used for club, high school, college and invitational meets throughout the country. eDive is the only program you will ever need to manage and run your diving meet! No delays, no waiting, no problems! Take a look and see what you think.

Main Features:

- use it to run AAU, USD, FINA, NCAA and High School events
- have your visiting team email you their entries and import them directy into eDive!
- integration with Hy-Teks Meet Manager software!
- built in support for Colorado Timing Systems ... create the entire meet in eDive and upload an entire event to the timer in a matter of seconds
- select any number of judges
- unlimited number of meets, entries and events
- integrated Degree of Difficulty calculator
- combine multiple events to be run simultaneously as one event, then report the results for each individual event
- transfer dive sheets from one event to another with just a few clicks, no re-keying of dive sheets
- transfer optionals &/or voluntaries to finals with just a few clicks, including carrying over the score for voluntaries
- quickly add divers at the last minute to any event, even while it is in progress
- create a new meet based on a meet you ran previously
- view a divers list of dives at any time ... even while running the event
- divers lists are validated as soon as you make any change ... even dives changed while on the board. Know immediately if there are any rules violations !
- view a leader board while running any event, even combined events
- cut a diver during an event ... and still be able to un-cut them later on
- supports exhibition divers
- dive statistics are available while running an event so you can see exactly how long each diver is taking and when the event will finish
- numerous reports are available which can be run before, during or after an event completes

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